Winter in South Florida #ootd

Happy New Year!!

Today I went to lunch on the beach and caught up with a friend, I was freezing in this outfit..mind you – I live in South Florida. It’s like the best feeling when the temperature drops in Florida. Those couple days a year when we’ll get lucky and it drops to low 60’s and 50’s I break out my winter wardrobe and change three times a day? just so I can wear all my cute fur and leather jackets, over the knee boots, and possibly a beanie for a couple days?

This denim jacket I am wearing is by MinkPink, it’s old! I found it on my rack of clothes I had edited out of my wardrobe 2 years ago and I decided to replace it in my closet because it’s super cute, the old me didn’t think so?

These ripped denim by FashionNova are certainly a new favorite of mine. I am crazy about jeans..I mean I have more than 50 pairs from low to high end and sometimes it seems as if the more affordable brands have better quality than the high-end. I love these pair because of the raw edge hem, they have a little stretch, they are the perfect high rise, and they’re affordable!

Jeans: FashionNova

Bodysuit: Mistress Rocks