What’s In My Make Up Bag?! (Go-To Products)

I frequently get questions asked on which brands, palettes, and brushes I use when doing my make up and this is a topic I’ve been wanting to share on the blog for a while! The post is FINALLY here!

Below I’ve made a list of all my GO-TO products that I really cannot do my make up without! Recently I’ve made an attempt to create a more subtle daytime look for when I want to enhance my features but don’t have the time to apply all these amazing products I’ve listed below. I’ve started by just applying tinted moisturizer to my skin instead of my foundation because I’ve noticed it gives off a much less cakey and more natural look. Also, using tinted moisturizer allows my pores to breathe a bit more as foundation is usually a heavier liquid, which will clog my pores! Currently I am blending two different kinds of tinted moisturizers to create the perfect color for my skin. When I want to apply more make up for a heavier look I’ll use two different foundations to create the perfect color as well. The two foundations and tinted moisturizers I mix together are listed below ūüôā

make up bag

Make up bag

Current Products I can’t Glam without:

Most used shadow palettes: 
10 Must Have Brushes:
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