Take Me Back!

To the most beautiful place I visited during my Europe vacation, Aman Sveti Stefan! While it’s great to be back in the sunshine state, I cannot help but to reminisce my Europe vacation and all of the amazing adventures that took place in Montenegro! Montenegro is definitely my favorite vacation spot that I visited during my Europe trip. If you’re planning on visiting Montenegro I recommend that you stay at Aman Sveti Stefan resort because it is literally on it’s own island and it’s definitely a vacation spot to visit if you want to be very relaxed.

My dad is from Rome so I used to visit Italy about every summer until about 4 years ago we decided to visit new places like St. Tropez, Sardegna, Greece and lots of other gorgeous places around Europe. While in Rome I stayed at J.K. Place, which was so beautiful and I loved having a room with a window view of the most chic shops and I really enjoyed seeing all those handsome Italian boys riding their vespas past the hotel!

I visit places like Italy or Paris where there’s a Chanel on every street corner and OHHHHhhh how I love that!! But we also visit the most relaxing resorts you feel like you’re in the middle of no where, it’s amazing.

Btw, I am wearing all Intermix

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