A New Series: All About Self-Care

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The Building Blocks – Physical. Mental. Spiritual.

To me, aesthetic self-care including activities that will better your physical health are one of the most important ways to take proper care of yourself while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Something I also find very important that to me seems to be a form of physical self-care is taking care of your skin!! I certainly do not have perfect/flawless skin in any way, and I am a makeup junkie so I do apply products to my skin that may not be the best for them! However, I ALWAYS take the time to cleanse my face! I have realized that I feel 100 times better knowing that I always take the time and energy to clean my skin. I love using this FrankBod Anti – Makeup Cleansing Oil to remove all the product from my skin at night, even when I am exhausted from my late night outing and just want to jump on my cloud with my pjs on. I always feel my best getting my ‘booty sleep‘ with clean skin!   

In the mornings I start off with using my Cetephil facial cleanser, then after cleaning my skin with the cleanser I use a cotton pad with my RHA+ toner and apply it all over my skin. Depending on how dry my skin is I will use a little bit of Kiel’s ultra moisturizing cream and apply it in the dry areas to hydrate my skin. At night I always use my Anti-Makeup cleansing oil from FrankBod to remove my makeup and afterwards I use my cetaphil facial cleanser to remove any of the the access make up.

My Self-Care Skills – This is a list of my own simple needs that help boost my mood and motivation everyday

  • Exercising in the morning – Whether it’s a 20 minute or an hour long work out exercising in the morning always encourages my everyday mood in a positive way and motivates me to be more productive, which is another component of taking self-care.
  • Create a To-Do list –  On Sunday night’s I always try to create a to-do list of my schedule for the following week . Keeping everything written on a calendar is another great way to stay organized during the week.
  • Organization – I cannot stand working in a cluttered room or any messy space for that matter! I find it very therapeutic to declutter any of the areas I spend time in, such as my closet, desk, bathroom, or kitchen! It sounds weird that an organized/clean space can change my mood but I believe a clean and organized space keeps my mind less stressed/all over the place and more organized, as well.
  • Listening to Music – Over the years I have realized that whenever I am feeling down I can always count on the sound of music to lift me up! Sometime’s you just gotta play your favorite songs that make you feel good and dance to it, I know it works for me!
  • Take a break – Something I haven’t done in a really long time is take time away from social media. I guess it’s because I’m constantly active on the internet, whether I’m on Tumblr, Instagram, or YouTube I always find myself looking for new and inspiring posts. However, I’ve noticed that even on the days I post on my own social media it takes up so much time out of my day and I do it because I love sharing everything fashion and lifestyle. Although, sometimes I feel that social media can be very toxic and I’ve realized it’s good to take a break away from it every once in a while.

Comment below if you like this new series I just started that is all about self-care and if you’d like to see more of it! Xo

Stay Chic!

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