The Jetsetter: Essentials For Your Toiletry Bag

Your toiletry bag carries all of your personal beauty products that keep your skin looking pretty, clean, and glowy during your travels! It is the most important thing to pack in my luggage. Here are some of my favorite products to pack in my toiletry bag and some of these products are perfect for cold weather and tropical destinations!

BEAUTYCOUNTER – Purifying Charcoal Mask

This Beautycounter charcoal clay mask purifies and absorbs the unwanted oils on your skin. Absorbing the unwanted oils will reduce the appearance of pores which will leave your skin looking smooth and exfoliated?

BEAUTYCOUNTER – Protect stick Sunscreen

This Beautycounter stick sunscreen is an essential for a tropical weekend getaway. This sunscreen is made with organic ingredients, including coconut oil and acai fruit oil to protect your skin. Also, it is not cakey at all and it leaves no white residue! I could never travel to a tropical destination without my Beautycounter stick sunscreen, it is an essential!

BEAUTYCOUNTER – Sugar Body scrub / Lemongrass

I recently tried the fabulous beauty line, Beautycounter, and I have become obsessed with their mimosa, citrus and lemongrass scents! I have tried many different sugar body scrubs and this is my new favorite… After using this brown sugar scrub by Beautycounter, your skin will be smooth and have a healthy-looking glow!

HELLO FAB – Caffeine Matcha Wake up Wipes

I recently started using these new HELLO FAB wake up wipes every morning to remove my left over night cream. These wipes smells amazing and they make my skin feel fresh first thing in the morning!

VASELINE – Lip Therapy / Rosy Lips

My lips get super dry very quickly but with this Vaseline lip therapy I never have to worry about getting dry lips! This lip therapy is made with rose and almond oil, keeping my lips smooth and it also gives your lips a natural rosy shine.

ELTA MD – UV Aero Sunscreen

This sunscreen is definitely an essential to not only my toiletry bag but to my everyday morning routine. I apply this sheer sunscreen by Elta MD every morning and I also like to apply one coat before applying my face make-up, this way my skin is very protected without looking cakey!

HELLO FAB – Vital Greens Face Mist

This face mist by HELLO FAB is an essential to your toiletry bag, especially if you are traveling to a tropical destination. This face mist will quench your dry skin while in the sun and it will also set your make up for the day.

PALMER’S – Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula has always been my favorite lotion to use. My mom has used this lotion for many many years. She also used this during and after all three of her pregnancy’s and it truly is the solution to prevent stretch marks!! I have been using this lotion all over my body since I was very young and I have no stretch marks on my body. On top of that, this lotion smells sooo yummy, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been told I smell like a yummy cupcake! Lol


GARNIER – SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

This cleansing water by Garnier is amazing! I use Nutrogena make up remover wipes and there is always left over eyeliner that the wipe cannot remove, but this cleansing water will remove any left over make up right away! I use a q-tip or a cotton swab to remove the make up.

You can shop all of my essential products by clicking the item name below the product photo that is highlighted in pink. Or you may find a few of these items at your local drug store.?

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