Interview With Jane Siskin – Designer of Cinq a Sept

Cinq a Sept

At the end of 2017 I was fortunate enough to sit down with and interview the amazing designer Jane Siskin. She is the CEO/Founder and head designer of her New York-based clothing line, Cinq a Sept. Interviewing this inspirational woman was certainly a highlight of my year! Jane Siskin

Jane Siskin

I always liked the casual things best, I am very passionate about having things that make you feel really good in and comfortable in and still are appropriate for occasions. I like fashion for the day, getting dressed to just go shopping or to a casual lunch, those are the clothes that are important to me.”

  • How would you describe the Cinq a Sept ‘IT Girl’? “I think the Cinq a Sept ‘it’ girl is confident, smart, cool, and I think she embraces that it’s really empowering to look pretty!”
  • At what age did you realize that fashion was your future? “I started when I was 19. I graduated high school early and I worked retail, I really liked it! Even when I was a little girl I used to imagine that I would somehow be doing this.”
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