Interview With Jane Siskin – Designer of Cinq a Sept

Cinq a Sept

At the end of 2017 I was fortunate enough to sit down with and interview the amazing designer Jane Siskin. She is the CEO/Founder and head designer of her New York-based clothing line, Cinq a Sept. Interviewing this inspirational woman was certainly a highlight of my year! Jane Siskin

Jane Siskin

  • What challenges did you face as a designer when you first started designing? “Within the framework of expanding this brand I never really had too many problems because I’ve been doing this for a very long time. It’s more of business conversations, like who do we really want to tailor this brand for and knowing when the right time is for things. Timing is so crucial.”
  • What advice could you give to someone like me that has a desire to be in fashion, but not sure I have what it takes to be a designer? “I would get myself a good internship! I have worked with many celebrities and many many creative people and the truth of the matter is that just because you wear clothes doesn’t mean you know how to design or make clothes. Getting a good internship will allow you to experience many different aspects of the fashion industry and that will help you decide which direction you want to go. Do you want to design, be a stylist, be on the business side, or do you want to be a journalist? So understanding the process and being passionate about what you do is super important, that’s why I would get myself a good internship!”
  • I saw your spring¬†collection of 2018 and I am so excited about it! Which piece is your favorite and what inspired you? “The inspiration from that collection came from a trip to Italy, which sounds a little cliche but it was very interesting. I was in this piazza in Italy and I saw this painting of a woman and she looked like she was the owner of a circus. I was so inspired by the theme of the painting that we went with it and that was the inspiration of this collection, we even had circus people at our presentations.

I always liked the casual things best, I am very passionate about having things that make you feel really good in and comfortable in and still are appropriate for occasions. I like fashion for the day, getting dressed to just go shopping or to a casual lunch, those are the clothes that are important to me.”

  • How would you describe the Cinq a Sept ‘IT Girl’? “I think the Cinq a Sept ‘it’ girl is confident, smart, cool, and I think she embraces that it’s really empowering to look pretty!”
  • At what age did you realize that fashion was your future?¬†“I started when I was 19. I graduated high school early and I worked retail, I really liked it! Even when I was a little girl I used to imagine that I would somehow be doing this.”
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