A Day In Quarantine – Things To Do!

Hiiii babes. It’s been a FAT minute!!

I wanted to hop back on here to suggest some things you can do at home to prevent yourself from getting bored during this pandemic virus. These are not only tasks to prevent yourself from becoming bored but they will also allow you to feel accomplished!

1. I have to say, washing your makeup brushes can be one of the most satisfying things. I just cleaned most of mine this morning which only took me about 5-8 minutes and now my brushes are fresh and clean for when I actually have something to get ready for! This is the cleanser I use:

2.  Trust me there is always something in your home that you can clean! Cleaning/organizing is a good way to keep yourself busy. I love the feeling of being in a clean and organized space, motivated and ready to tackle the day! You might want to find a motivational “cleaning” video on YouTube, that should definitely get you in the mood.

3. Did you think I was gonna let this quarantine stop me from working out?! Exercise is one of the most important things in my daily routine, I don’t work out every day but a few times a week is sufficient to make me feel good! If you don’t have time to go to the gym or fit a work out into your normal schedule NOW is the time to do your stretching, lifting, cardio or whatever you desire! There are so many different at home exercises you can do. Let’s say I’ve run out of my own ideas for work outs or I’m just looking for something new, I will get on my Instagram and find a new work out to try. Anytime I come across a work out post on my feed that I’m interested in trying I always save it to my “work out” file. Not many people think at home work outs are as effective as going to a gym, so I decided I’d share a few of my favorite fitness girls to follow on IG.

Fav fitness gals: @krissycela, @stef_fit, @whitneyysimmons, @hiitburn, @nikkiblacketter

4. Take a bath. Maybe you have some stress built up in your system..now would be a great time to light a candle, throw a bath bomb in and relax 🙂

5. Try something new. Whether it be a new recipe, watch a new show, go roller blading down your street, or try something you’ve never done before but have always wanted to (as long as it’s done at home obviously lol). I plan to try two new recipes this weekend..stay tuned to my YouTube channel Amanda Di Leo to see what I get up to.

6. Create a vision board. This is something I have been procrastinating on completing over some time. I think some people might find it silly to create a vision board, I never understood how glueing your vision or writing your goals onto a board could turn into a reality. However, I’ve spoken to more than a handful of CEO’s from extremely successful companies and they confirmed that creating a vision board is one of the most important things to do, especially if you are a big dreamer. So tomorrow I plan to finally finish my board and film myself doing it for my YouTube channel. 🙂

7. Clean out your wardrobe! If you aren’t aware of this yet, I am a wardrobe stylist and I assisted for about 4 years. So I take cleaning out the closet very seriously lol! It is something I dedicate doing at least every 1-2 years. If you haven’t been through your closet in over two years I suggest taking time to do it because there may be something that you haven’t worn in years and will never think to put it on again, trust me lol. This is either because you over wore your item, it is no longer your size/style, or you may not know how to style it which is totally normal! If you happen to be interested in revamping your wardrobe once this virus dies – you can book me for styling by calling: (954)-802-8764 or email: (amanda@saucistyle.com).

8. Read a book. If you happen to get bored whiling reading a book I highly recommend reading a blog on something that interests you or downloading the new app Audiobooks or Audible.

9. FaceTime your friends and family! Pick up the phone and say hello to someone you miss 🙂

10. Put your bikini on and step out to your yard to get some Vitamin D. We are all pretty much locked up in our homes and I feel confident to say 99% of us get cabin fever after sometime so don’t forget to get some fresh air!

11. Watch a YouTube video! YouTube has so many educational videos you can learn from. Educate yourself on something you would normally not have the time for on a normal day.

12. Create a TikTok with your family lol

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